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Our opening times are

Times available to order or answer questions with regard to Cold Porcelain and Parchment Craft are 9am to 5pm on 01623 460315 

Weekly Classes

  • Card Making and Parchment are alternate Monday afternoons 2pm to 4pm
  • Cold Porcelain every Tuesday afternoon 2pm to 4pm
  • Parchment every Thursday morning 10am to 12noon
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There are a variety of mediums for tracing, colouring and painting on parchment paper - 

Tinta - for tracing and painting

Pintura - an acrylic based paint, which has a plastiser allowing the paint to stretch with the parchment when embossed

PCA - felt tips for applying colour easily 

Pergaliners - both water colour pencils and blendable pencils in one box 

Dorsing Crayons - allowing you to create sutble backgrounds, including rainbow parchment

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Pergamano Tinta Ink - Yellow

Price: £4.50

Pergamano Tinta Ink - Yellow 21204

Product details


Pergamano Tinta Ink - Sepia

Price: £4.50

Pergamano Tinta Ink - Sepia 21207

Product details


Pergamano Tinta Ink - Violet

Price: £4.50

Pergamano Tinta Ink - Violet 21208

Product details


Pergamano Tinta Ink Silver

Price: £4.99

Pergamano Tinta Ink - Silver 21209

Product details


Darwi - Gold

Price: £4.99

Darwi Ink - Gold

Product details


Pergamano Tinta Ink - Fuchsia

Price: £4.50

Pergamano Tinta Ink - Fuchsia 21212

Product details


Pergamano Tinta Ink - Leaf Green

Price: £4.50

Pergamano Tinta Ink - Leaf Green 21213

Product details


Pergamano Tinta Ink - Green

Price: £4.50

Pergamano Tinta Ink - Green 21214

Product details


Pergamano Tinta Ink - Turquoise

Price: £4.50

Pergamano Tinta Ink - Turquoise 21215

Product details

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